After Delivery/Sales

What I think Apple does right..

Apple is increasing the prices of its new products.

People still are willing to buy them.

Yes, the products are of very high quality.

But what they do right is the after-service.

Even if you do not buy Apple care +, if there is something genuinely wrong with your product even after a while of purchasing it, In most cases, they fix it.

Yes, there is a right of consumers, but it’s the trust that they build with their customers who shell out a lot more for their products.

What I have figured out first hand as well is with the services we provide, if you stand by them and fix things that don’t work, the customer/client is willing to come back because you have a long-term relationship with them.

If you sell just to sell but don’t focus on after a delivery bit of your service, you are stuck with 1-time customers only.

Something I learned in the beginning by making this mistake.

So are you focussing on delivering your products and services only, or are you also making sure the after-delivery process works for your customer/client?

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